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The Lyn Hovey stained glass studio is internationally recognized for excellence in design and fabrication of stained and art glass in contemporary architectural spaces as well as conservation and restoration.

Our impact on the architectural and interior design communities has come through innovative design and a melding of ancient and contemporary technologies as well as a palette of specialty glass which is the largest in New England. In addition to our glass expertise, we draw on the talents of superb wood and metal craftsmen, thus enabling multifaceted design solutions.

We create stained and art glass for a wide range of applications. Our works include windows, skylights, glass curtain walls, folding screens, mirrors, lighting, and lamination projects for safety glazing applications. We also offer a completerestoration and repair service.

We invite your request for further information. Our in-house design team welcomes the opportunity of working with you to achieve dynamic results for
your project.

Recent Projects

St. George's Altar Window

The Great Altar Window
St. George's School in Newport, RI

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