From the restoration of a damaged residential entryway stained glass panel to restoration of all the windows in a historic cathedral, the Lyn Hovey Stained Glass Studio is an award-winning restorer and conservator of stained glass. With restoration projects throughout the United States, we are particularly recognized for our restorations of historic and or painted and fired antique windows. We are even asked for international restoration consultation and services. We have the depth of two in-house master glass painters, thus we don’t have to contract out for these highly specialized skills. Since we have complete painting and firing and acid etching facilities and edge gluing facilities we are prepared for the most difficult and sensitive projects.

Our restorations include replacement of fragile original glass painting detail that is flaking off through the use of sensitively rendered reverse painted 2mm glass cover plates that are then installed over the original damaged pieces.

We serve the New England region primarily but are also called on for restorations throughout the US, such as to replicate hail damaged highly painted stained glass windows in Texas or to alter for reuse purposes, precious heirloom windows for a church in Missouri where adding more new painted detailed areas was part of the architects vision for their project.

Our restorations have included famous Bavarian windows with their signature Munich Style highly painted details to the windows of Tiffany and his famous use of drapery glass to the famous English stained glass artist Christopher Whall. In our 45 years in business, we have worked for famous institutions such as Harvard University, Yale University, Tufts University, Wheaton College, Wellesley College Baylor University, The Cathedral of the Holy Cross, All Saints Ashmont to name but a few. We have also worked for the homeowner, the library. the hospital and so forth, restoring stairway windows in triple deckers, door lights in Back Bay houses. We have restored skylights, dome lights, custom lighting.