Antigua Guatemala is the city where European conquistadors established their base of operations in the New World more than 400 years ago. Two mighty cultures clashed there and then assimilated and the result now is a small world-class city filled with art and music and architecture and traditions of the Maya and of the colonial Spanish. What a great place to establish a stained glass studio!

The Guatemalan culture is so respectful of art and tradition and of learning and the people are famous for their handwork and hand skills. Our staff in Guatemala is 100% Guatemalan and occasionally added to our crew are Maya woman weavers who adapt their great weaving skills to copper foil assembly on our windows.

The emphasis in the Guatemala studio is original designed commissioned stained and leaded glass windows and lighting and lampshades.The Guatemala studio is a full-service studio with all the capabilities in creating new commissioned stained and leaded glass windows with the exception of acid etching (which continues to only be done in the Boston Studio).

A specialty of the Guatemala studio is the copper foil assembly technique, however, we are equally capable of working in lead construction. The Guatemala studio also has a complete glass painting and firing facility and we are particularly proud of our more than 4’ by 10’ sky platform that is used for color selection. The sky platform permits the artist and the client to review colors and the design in relation to each other against the unobstructed sky.