Boston Crew

Meet the world-class team based in Boston working on Stained Glass Window Design, Repair, Restoration, and Conservation at Lyn Hovey Studio. Be sure to also check out our team based in Guatemala.

Boston is frequently described as the Athens of the United States and this is the perfect location for our base location for the art of stained glass which is an art as well of today as an art of antiquity. Stained Glass has a very rich tradition in Boston and we are honored to be part of that tradition and legacy.

The Lyn Hovey Stained Glass Boston Studio is the mother studio where all phases of our work in stained and leaded glass is performed. Being the base studio, all removal and installation projects originate or finalize in the Boston studio. The Boston studio also heads up all restoration, and conservation projects and provides the master painting studio space for both restoration and newly commissioned work.

The Boston studio functions as the base of operations for our team leader for outside work, Jeff Cruse and the base of operations for our stained glass painting team leader, Marat Abramyan.

Located in the Codman Square neighborhood of Boston, we are centrally located and easily reached by public transportation. We also believe philosophically in keeping, work opportunities and the presence of the fine arts industry in the inner city.

Design, fabrication, restoration, conservation, stained glass painting and kiln firing, silver stain, English enamel painting, reverse cover plate painting, acid etching, Hxtal Epoxy edge gluing and mending, bent glass mold making, copper foil assembly, lead came assembly, decorative leadwork including custom made a rosette and lead applique work, specialty glasses including drapery glass, imported European mouth blown “ antique” glass, domestic “cathedral” glass, Imported and domestic opalescent glass, architectural glasses including tempered, laminated and insulated glasses, sheet polycarbonate, colored glass mirror, dichroic glass, imported and domestic glass jewels and rondels.

In 2017 our artistic director and president, Lyn Hovey, completes his 55th year in stained glass. He is a master designer and fine artist in painting, drawing, sculpture and stained glass. He is a master glass painter and master glazier as well.